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- a supplemental page to the on-line audio -

This page is dedicated to citations of the many performers who contributed demo sound clips available on this site. Many thanks to all the talented musicians listed below! Serious effort has been made to secure proper performer citations. Do you see a misspelling, or, can you identify a missing name? Do you have a recording of music by Lynn Job which you performed and have never sent to us? If so, please contact

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  • Studio phone (USA) 940.566.0315
  • Buckthorn Studios, 516 W. Oak St., #22, Denton, Texas, USA.

    All the associates at Buckthorn Studios (SM) thank you in advance for your correspondence.

    - credits for the on-line audio - hear them on the 3 pages below -

    Instrumental | Vocal | Electronic/Mixed Media

    12-Tone Flute (flute & piano)
    Julie Huggins (flute), Lisa DeSpain (piano)

    Arcangelo Red (rhapsody for solo flute)
    Alice Lenaghan, live premiere

    Arcangelo Red (rhapsody for solo viola)
    Stéphane Tran Ngoc (digitally processed) | here |

    Arcangelo Red (rhapsody for solo violin)
    Stéphane Tran Ngoc, live premiere | here |

    Armiger's Gate (solo viola)
    Jason Lim, live premiere

    Azimuth Dance - Where is North? (8 percussionists | UNT)
    Christopher Deane, conducting, with the UNT Undergraduate Percussion Ensemble

    Barren - a dramatic reading (3 string basses & narrator)
    Mark Beasom (narrator), Dave Black (Bass 1), Dan Smith (Bass 2), Ed Pincusoff (Bass 3), Lynn Job, conducting

    Duetto Maduro (2 violins)
    Julia Bushkova & Lisamarie Vana, live premiere

    Etude in 8 (solo flute)
    Julie Huggins

    Eulogy for St. John (12 Bb trumpets)
    Mario Casanova, Bob Helland, Jon Hodge, David Hooten, Craig Hurst, John Korak, Steve Leisring, Melvin Parker, Charles Peterson, Bill Schmid, Dan Smith, Randy Tinnin, conducted by Lynn Job

    House of Jatamansi (3-part fantasy for solo flute & organ)
    Due Solisti: Kathleen Scheide (organ), Zofie Vokálková (flute)

    Jesu (soprano, flute & piano)
    Carol Lomp (soprano), Asbury Methodist staff (piano), unknown (flute)

    Kidrish Fields (7 C flutes, vibraphone & solo cello)
    Sheri Holden, Bonnie Brunner, Karen Braddy, Suzanna Ferguson, Becky Hovan, Carrie Snyder, Letha Pilgrim (flutes), Dave Morin (vib., assisted by Letti Rodriguez), Philip Taggart (cello), conducted by Lynn Job

    Matin (a cappella men's chorus)
    David Ardrey, Allen Greaves, Stan Hill, Jeff Kullman, Michael MacMullen (tenor 1), Lee Coduti, Eric Could, Trent Pomeroy, David Rachuy (tenor 2), Tony Antista, Chris Ashby, Michael Bacina, Scott Cruikshank, Michael Grodsky (baritone), Bill Baxter, Mark Beasom, Geg Lapp, Jeff McNeil, Alex Palermo (bass), conducted by Lynn Job

    Moon Largo (solo Bb trumpet)
    Raquel Rodriguez

    My Pretty Animals (alto & piano), text by Kenneth Patchen
    Carol Stickles (alto), Kevin Wiley (piano), live premiere

    Nehemiah's Dusk (solo tenor trombone)
    Russell Sharp

    Olympic Fanfare '86 (brass quintet)
    Paul Hankins (tpt 1), Gary Wurtz (tpt 2), Bret Seebeck (horn), Roger Dixon (tbn), Karl Hovey (tuba), live premiere

    Prelude in E-minor (solo cello, free-style version)
    Tess Remy-Schumacher

    Raphael - intercession (solo trumpet)
    Susan Rider, live premiere

    Runaway Bay: Hula Sunrise (cello quartet)
    Shawna Hamilton (soloist), David Fernandez (2), Angela K. Harvey (3), Eric D. Smith (4)

    Scenes From Rembrandt -- four miniatures for chamber orchestra
    Laurie Baefsky (fl), Bob Bergholtz (ob), Tod Frank (horn), Steve Lacoste (perc.), Tom Wynsen & Allison Berger (vln), Allison Cornell & Patty Duncan (vla), Kristine Hensch & Karen Pesyna (cello), Jana Hall (cl), Elizabeth Moberly (bsn), Stew Hunter (tbn), Dave Black (bass), conducted by Lynn Job

    Serengeti Supper (solo alto sax with sound track)
    Frank Heidlberger

    Shadow's Pipe (solo flute)
    Jennifer Chen, live premiere

    Sour Swig Jig -- a comic duet (2 Bb clarinets)
    Frank Heidlberger (cl. 1), Scott Watkins (cl. 2)

    Systole: Book I (3 songs)-- 1. Ivory Eyes, II. Bamboo Skies, III. Mosaic Flame (soprano & piano)
    Karen Hall (sop.), Andrew Hudson (piano), live premiere

    The Sixth Night (solo classical guitar)
    Aaron Larget-Caplan

    Theme & Variations (solo Bb clarinet)
    Frank Heidlberger

    Thy Word Is Truth Air, Fragment 9 from ELATIO: Praises & Prophecies (tenor, harp, bassoon, cello)
    Jonathan Gibbons (tenor), Micah Standley (bsn), Barbra Lowe (harp), Buffi-Colleen Jacobs (cello), Lynn Job, conducting

    Two Sacred Motets (SATB a cappella)
    Univ. of Central Oklahoma Choir, Dr. Lon Dehnert, dir., live premiere

    What Am I? Air, Fragment 11 from ELATIO: Praises & Prophecies (contralto, flute, horn, piano)
    Mitzi Westra (mezzo sop.), Adriane Fink (fl), Gail Lewis (horn), Catherine Bringerud (piano), Franco Felice, conducting

    Yellowstone Blush - a wedding remembrance (duet for alto & tenor saxophones)
    Idit Shner (alto sax.)
    Jesse Cloninger (tenor sax.)

    "Lynn Job is a deep composer of great potential in sacred metaphor and musical myth
    --a new voice bursting into the world's soulscape."
    -- Center for Schenkerian Studies

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