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    Finale Music (2) the Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) sample score pages posted on site *may or may not* require you to have installed the TrueType music fonts called "Petrucci" or "Maestro." We attempted to embed all fonts. Does your sample score page look odd? . . .
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    (Optional Fixes):
  • (1) **If** your sample score page has squares where note heads should be (and this is not intended to be an alternate notation new music score), then that missing font is most likely your problem. These fonts are available from "Finale" [Make Music, Inc.]
    (CLICK ON THE LOGO above), or . . .,
  • (2) EASY -- download from here (you must then install them to your operating system). KNOWN BUG: Finale Music, Inc. reports new fonts for Mac OS 10.4 required directly from them as a font pack.
    Disclaimer: Buckthorn Studios does not warrant these fonts for third parties. Adobe and Finale Music are responsible for image creation and integration issues, not us. Do let us know your difficulty -- call us for hardcopy support or alternate help 940-566-0315.
    CLICK and save (.ttf): Petrucci Music Font | Maestro Music Font


    Our computer-synthesized sound clips (as marked) are rough demos intended for use with the music score as an aid to prospective conductors, soloists & researchers interested in an acoustic piece which has no quality live recording to date.

  • the sound clips are live performances. All clips are compressed for stereo 96Hz, 56K download (file type = "Real Audio" - .rm). Many are over 500KB (.5MB) - please be patient if not on broadband. They do not stream.
  • Want MP3s?? We store those at the | New Music USA - library page (Lynn Job) (includes MP3s) |

    Contact 940.566.0315 (USA) "sales -at- buckthornstudios.com" for MUSIC DEMO RECORDINGS available in full-length on CD and cassettes, by request (some handling charges might apply).

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