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International - MARIMBA - Commissioning Consortium

- Woods Walker -

(solo acoustic marimba with sound track) - 08:15 min.
composer Lynn Job

world premiere by . . .
==> Dr. Aaron Ragsdale, marimbist <==
Focus Day | Daytime Showcase, Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis
2010 Percussive Arts Society International Convention
Thursday, November 11, 2010, 3:00 p.m.

The consortium membership roster includes . . .

Ms. Lora Egan | bio
Dr. Michael Lasley | bio
Dr. Gregory Lyons | bio
Dr. Aaron Ragsdale | bio
Dr. Chalon L. (and Dell) Ragsdale | bio
Mr. Jeff Sass | bio
Dr. Ryan Smith | bio
Dr. David M. Wolf | bio

By late 2015, our full membership listed above will receive:
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  • Full score (autographed, 17 x 11-inch edition with consortium membership page listing each name)
  • Separate marimba part
  • Performance CD or other recorded media format (stage ready)
  • Demo CD or other recorded media format (integrated mix for audition study)
  • 2-year! members-only performance rights: November 11, 2015 - November 11, 2017
    -- in addition --
  • A complimentary member gift bundle: 1 studio pen/pencil (or substitute souvenir of similar value), and, 1 travel/study edition "Woods Walker" score (11 x 8.5-inch) ($15.00 retail price value)
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  • Free shipping by U.S. Priority Mail, with tracking
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  • Free web publicity for member recording or tour dates involving Woods Walker, for life!

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    ABOUT American composer Lynn Job - (.pdf) article by Antony Corcoran | Click bio page for much more!

    Lynn Job has received wide acclaim in recent years for her evocative concert music which combines rich, poetic imagery with a sophisticated, yet instantly appealing musical language. "Pure magic!" (says percussionist Christopher Deane). Glowing praise for Woods Walker draft previews come from marimbists Marc Wooldridge (CFAMC) & Mark Ford (past president, Percussive Arts Society), an international focus group of 11 professional marimbists, 5 nationally-ranked composers, and a general audience demographic test group of over 50. This art piece has been specifically conceived, crafted and balanced to work equally well for live performance, broadcast, and commercial recording release.
    Reviews | Recognition

    ABOUT Woods Walker

    woodland picture

    "Soft cypress drums and wooden tonics
    hang amber sap upon the thick air . . .
    The tree chants a grave and ancient woe.
    My spirit, lithe & sweaty, dreams of younger grass."

    (- excerpts from "Academy Arbor," by Lynn Job © Copyright 2000)
    Buckthorn Books

    Other Selected Readings: Jeremiah (6:16) & Isaiah (30:21)

    Woods Walker is a sensual fantasia - a romantic, mysterious, and naturalistic work evoking the vast expanse of creation as mankind meanders through it in the metaphor of a walk in the woods. It is a trip around the globe, starting in the jungles of Japan/Indonesia, skimming along shores and waters, and deeply penetrating intercontinental woodlands. It has a larger spiritual impetus concerning mankind within nature and of nature, as set there by the creator of both. Idyllically harmonious and innocent, yet dangerously primal, a great chaos is lovingly rendered. Woods Walker is an entertaining art piece that leaves the audience ready to hear it again and again.

    The solo acoustic marimba immerses into the texture, blending with midi instruments, public-domain field recordings, chant, animal calls, and music concrète, to showcase an accomplished polyphonist, melodist, and percussive drummer while demanding excellent synchronistic timing within this dramatic and arching pre-recorded sound scape. Woods Walker is no stroll in the Garden of Eden, but rather a brave and commanding post-edenic adventure under the dense shadow of exotic, deadly potential. This is a deliberate tone poem which can be interpreted with more than one reductive approach: expressionism, neo-romanticism, or impressionism – and with a variety of possible story narratives underneath the over arching allegory. Who is this Woods Walker? What wind stirs these chimes?


    SEE! Woods Walker sample draft pages in Adobe Reader (.PDF):

    NOTE: These page samples are not made available until mid-2015 . . . sorry!

    (1) Page 1
    (2) Page 2
    (3) Page 6
    (4) Page 8

    woodland picture

    The Consortium Membership may call 940.566.0315 USA
    to discuss advance or custom score or audio preview assistance required
    as first concerts get scheduled prior to September 1, 2013.

    The difficulty of performance comes more in the implimentation of
    realtime cue timings and live acoustic balance
    than in a straight reading of the marimba part alone
    (beautifully and traditionally notated both in full study score and a separate convenient marimba part).
    This is not a virtuoso concerto style piece. Rather, the marimba's live integration
    into the virtual tapestry emphasizes contemporary stage skills.

    Other works in a similar style from this composer include

  • "Serengeti Supper" (Alto Sax. & Sound Track, 2002) | Listen to - (with live sax) (.rm) - hear
  • "Clare - Ancient Morning" (for Picc./Flute, Harp and Sound Track, in work).
    More about these, as well as miniature electronica (1:00 each) such as . . .
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    "Woods Walker" (cat. no. 71) will publish through . . . | BMP |

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