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ONLY rare and exclusive fine art concepts | Novelty scores, art, posters, and promotional items.

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Our Composer was ON TOUR ! NOV 8-11, 2009
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Notations 21 Tour, Denton

Included scores of Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse |described below|

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Buckthorn Studios GIFT SHOP

"Exotic Concepts - in season / wild caught"


ONLY rare and exclusive fine art concepts | Novelty scores, art, posters, and promotional items.

Our regular printed music is sold on other pages.
Click to Buckthorn Music Press for links to our printed music sales | here |

Today's Inventory


  • # BMP88 | - Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse (solo organ | graphic score) |
    as featured in the international anthology Notations 21 -- SEE below - click

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  • # SSS-888 | - New Lullaby (2010 compilation CD by solo classical guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan) |
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  • # OAR-922 | - Jatamansi - Music for Flute and Organ (2013 compilation CD by Due Solisti) |
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  • # VN-001 | - 60x60 (2004-2005) (2-CD set | 120 electronic works) |
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  • # 99 | - Official Studio Pen | SEE below - click here

  • BOOK - Music Anthology - Graphical Works

  • # A88 - Notations 21 - an anthology of innovative musical notation
    SEE below - click here

    SEE below - click here

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    | # A88 |

    on exhibit - for - Mark Batty Publisher
    Notations 21 - an anthology of innovative musical notation

    Included = part of Lynn Job's Anchored in Perath (BMP-88) -- seen sold separately below.

    (New York, New York: Mark Batty Publisher, LLC, Theresa Sauer, ed., 2008)
    - order from Barnes & Noble, Amazon.com, or any bookseller -
    DESCRIPTION: Hard-cover, full color glossy, scores from 168 around the world, 320 pp.

  • ISBN-10:0979554640, ISBN-13:978-0979554643.
    International booksellers order from Thames & Hudson.
  • Amazon -- in-stock NOW! Orig. $58 List
    now hundreds $$ as collector's item!
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    Get Lynn Job's piece (p.113)
    as limited-edition rare print here (incl. reverse side not in book)!

  • 2010 Review, New Music Connoisseur | Here |

    | # BMP 88 |

    on exhibit until sold out - Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse

    Anchored in Perath: front cover Anchored in Perath: back cover
    18 x 24-inch, 4-color poster art/score "Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse" - while supply lasts!
    graphic score | solo organ (includes original poetry and instructions)

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    ABOUT American poet/composer Lynn Job

    1-page article by Antony Corcoran | here (.pdf) | Webpage biography here for more!

    Lynn Job has received wide acclaim in recent years for her evocative concert music which combines rich, poetic imagery with a sophisticated, yet instantly appealing musical language. "Pure magic!" (says percussionist Christopher Deane).

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    ABOUT Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse

    "Boastful pride of sweet Perath,
    Six words carried soft away . . .
    impaled onto their trumpet horns -
    Abram left them in their tents."

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    "Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse" was commissioned by organist Carson Cooman and premiered by him on June 21, 2006 in Penfield, New York. The following was printed in the program:

    "Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse" (2006) is a 6-minute piece for solo organ inspired by a 4-stanza apocalyptic poem: "Sacred Stream IV: Meditations by the River Euphrates" (1999). This poem is the last in a 4-poem set about the past, present and future of the 4 rivers of Eden - written by the composer while residing a short walk from the Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland (the Atlantic coast north of Liscannor Bay).

    Per-ath’ is the Hebrew name for Euphrates, and the individuals who are “anchored” are the 4 angels bound there, loosed for great destruction only at the 6th Trumpet (Rev. 9: 13-21, violent war). Relating to this vision are also the visions of the 6th Bowl (Rev. 16: 12-16, where the Euphrates dries up), and, the 6th Seal (Rev. 6:12-17, a great earthquake). The numbers 6 and 4 become embedded in many levels throughout this layered work of blended poetry, music, and visual collage - hand-pastelled, glued, and torn by the composer. Stepping back from this complex canvas, the musical elements are oppositely calm and reflective, abstractly evocative, bold, at once clear and impressionistic - leaving space for the consideration of a past and prophetic drama so enormous, musical gestures fail to compete for foreground.

    This unique art piece developed from Mr. Cooman’s request (2005) for a graphic notation score (a rare, 20th-century illustrated print genre from which a musician must extrapolate sonic material) with an archaeological patina. The composer chose to make this a very personal work drawing on her Judean desert expedition experiences in Qumran, Israel (1989), her years of spiritual studies, and her penchant for symbolist design.

    The performer plays from a single, large color poster and is supplied with helps and keys to decipher various directions for cuneiform clefs, Sanskrit tempi, mixed alphabets, 1200 B.C. oil lamps, Qumran scroll jars, and more. A few sections of indeterminacy exist. Real cuneiform music was researched, real artifacts photographed - even down to a silver cartouche “Lynn” made at the Egyptian Pyramids, followed by “Job” faux-embossed onto a clay seal (brought out from the destruction layer of Jerusalem, the time of Baruch the Scribe) shown on the back cover credits. In the center of the top half is a reproduction of a mystic angel by George Frederick Watts “The Dweller in the Innermost” (1886) - completely unknown to the poet/composer until the last stage of this project and perfectly suited to the vision.

    This was a project terrific to explore and design, and, deeply satisfying to complete. "Anchored in Perath: an apocalypse" is published by Buckthorn Music Press (BMP no. 88) as a 4-fold color poster in a limited, numbered edition.


    Is this poster art/score real music? Yes!
    - Here's a synthesized version of Panel II

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  • (# 1) Collectable, Limited edition (numbered, certificate of authenticity autographed, 1-100)
  • (# 2) Limited edition (unnumbered, short run)
  • (# 3) Limited edition, mistrim (budget)

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  • COLLECTABLE - Certified, Limited edition, first printing (only 100 made).
    Print production supervised by the composer in the press bay. Each print hand-numbered by the composer with a corresponding, numbered & autographed "Certificate of Authenticity" with one-of-a-kind trace mark, Choose flat (for framing) or folded (for performance or study).
    Your unique Print Number will be selected by the composer herself. If you have a special request, please call or write at the time of your order. Requested numbers cannot be guaranteed to be available.
    $300.00 ea. | (includes the added premium for certification)
  • Choose one | numbered, certified

    FLAT | rolled-up, boxed & shipped, # BMP88-Cert1 | $308.00
    FOLDED | folded, packed & shipped, # BMP88-Cert2 | $306.00
    FLAT | rolled & boxed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Cert3 | $302.00
    FOLDED | folded & packed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Cert4 | $300.50

    Inside Fold: Poem, Acknowledgments, Helps & Keys (12 x 18)

    BMP logo Anchored in Perath: inside panel BMP logo

    (Choice # 2)

  • Limited edition, first printing, run-off (only 30 made).
    Unnumbered, uncertified. Pressed in same run as the official first 100 certified, autographed copies, production supervised by the composer, authorized for sale (while supply lasts). Choose flat (for framing) or folded (for performance or study).
    $100.00 ea. | (new-market price)
  • Choose one | Limited edition

    FLAT | rolled-up, boxed & shipped, # BMP88-Lim1 | $108.00
    FOLDED | folded, packed & shipped, # BMP88-Lim2 | $106.00
    FLAT | rolled-up, boxed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Lim3 | $102.00
    FOLDED | folded, packed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Lim4 | $100.50

    BMP logo Interior Art/score: top/left of Panel IV (lower right quadrant)

    Anchored in Perath: panel 4 zoom

    (Choice # 3)

  • Limited edition, first printing, slight mistrim (only 100 made).
    Produced under the direct supervision of the composer to the same production standards as the offical run but rejected for improper fold potential. Offered only here at BMP with discount for budget-conscious fans and students. Choose flat (for framing) or folded (for study).
    $30.00 ea. | (60% off new-market price)
  • Choose one | mistrim (budget)

    FLAT | rolled-up, boxed & shipped, # BMP88-Trim1 | $38.00
    FOLDED | folded, packed & shipped, # BMP88-Trim2 | $36.00
    FLAT | rolled-up, boxed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Trim3 | $32.00
    FOLDED | folded, packed - ready for pick up, # BMP88-Trim4 | $30.50

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    Flat poster/scores come rolled in sturdy, custom boxes | Folded versions come in 9 x 12-inch packing
    Materiel and carrier subject to change if needed.
    $8.00 ea. added for flat, rolled version | $6.00 ea. added for folded version

    - by appointment only -
    pick up direct from Buckthorn Music Press
    $2.00 ea. for custom poster boxes (flat version) | $0.50 ea. for envelopes (folded version)

    Thank you! - for - giving this rare collectable artwork a safe home.
    We are grateful to place it in your hands. Enjoy. -- Lynn Job


    # 99 | permanent exhibit - Official Buckthorn Studios Pen

    Always in stock (backorders dependent on supplier).
    Soft grip, medium black ball-point tip, black plastic housing.
    The *only* pen our director and founding artist uses, even to compose, write, and complete research.
    We send this from her desk to yours. Our most popular promotional item ever.
    Designs may alter from time to time, but never in simultaneous distribution.

    NOTE: one ships free with any GIFT SHOP order over $50.00.

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